In the Mirror of Narcissus

In an era that operates individualistically and where the image dominates autonomously and imposes its own rules, the subject of narcissism becomes imperatively topical and requires new approaches.

Postmodern society tends to produce Narcissistic personalities. In the framework of the Antistixis Institute's Existential Systemic Theory, we have utilized the ancient myth of Narcissus and the Echo, as we seek the creation of the Narcissistic personality and its inadequacy in the context of interactive relationships.

The entrapment in the image of beauty that does not share and does not lead to relationship, on the contrary, seeks the other simply as an Echo, as a repetition and confirmation of personal self-sufficiency and superiority.

The myth of Narcissus crystallizes the failure of man's attempt to build an egocentric self-awareness, without his immersion in the other.

The self is not fed back by the other's gaze, as Narcissus is unable to love.

All the way she has to go is from the fleeting glow of image charm, as desperately claimed in the eyes of others, to the beauty of loving, caring for the one she loves, and making use of the available love.

Treatment is long and demanding and requires searching for the narcissistic wound, understanding the dynamics, and accepting the client's inadequacy for meaningful loving relationships.