Antistixi is an accredited educational centre on systemic psychotherapy from European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and is associated with the Greek Systemic Therapy Association (ELESYTH), Greek Systemic Thought Association (EESKEPSO) and Greek ETHOS. The course of specialisation in Existential Systemic Family Therapy is adressed at mental health’s experts (psychiatrists, child-psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers).
It lasts for two years, once a week, and is based on the completition of the two year training in systemic thought and therapy, the professional experience in mental health and necessarily the potential therapist’s personal therapy.

It lasts 2 years, on a weekly basis, and presupposes the completion of two years of training in systemic thinking and therapy, professional employment and experience in mental health areas and definitely the personal therapy of the candidate therapist.
Training in family therapy includes:

– Monitoring family therapy sessions and participation as a co-therapist.
– Participating in family therapy simulating sessions, either as a therapist or as a family member.
– Analyzing psychotherapy techniques through watching video recorded sessions.
– Presenting scientific essays in family therapy with reference to the various theoretical approaches.
– Writing genneogramme and case studies.