Sexual education. What could it be about? Providing knowledge about the anatomy of the male and female sexual organs? Providing information about the sexual act? The warning about sexually transmitted diseases and technical information to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

All this is precious, but is it too little? Sex education of this form has very little teaching material. Will sex education also contain information about the exciting exercise of love?

How will a tired professor who has no passion for his job talk about passionate love? Where does he not know the names and precious personal stories of his students? That he himself has lost or never had lust for his partner? Where will he compete in immaturity with his students? Where will the mental Aids of unrequited love spread to them?

Does romance require something more? How will respect be taught to the other card? How will the individual transcendence required by the sport of love be inspired? What does the crown that is offered to good athletes mean? Information and knowledge missing in the Internet age or life experiences? In the culture that gave birth to Plato's Symposium and in which Love is praised as divine, are views allowed to be regarded as avant-garde, which merely counteract the traumas of Victorian morality?

Sexual education, for an expert who has worked with children and teenagers, is clear that it takes place in their daily life, both in the family and in the social.

The child in his daily life lives the relationship of his parents and knows a lot about it, even if nothing is said. Sex education exists even where nothing is discussed about sexuality, and this also refers to an attitude towards sexuality.

The child observes and registers the emotional closeness or distance of his parents. It captures the tenderness present or absent in their relationship. He hears the words of love that are said, without realizing it, as they are source, but he also hears the insulting expressions that are also not realized.

It is pierced by the deadly arrows that are fired with the negative generalizations that categorize men or women. He is drenched in the sweetness or bitterness of his parents' relationship. He notices their touches, their caresses and the comfort in the closeness of their bodies. He mainly detects their looks and tries to decode the secret messages they contain.

And the other children who live in the unbearable cold of their parents' frozen relationship? The words are formal and procedural. The caresses and sweet words, if they exist, do not concern the partner. The movements are violent and the bodies are tight.

What kind of sex education do these children need whose parents, trapped in their own frustration, do not get news about their children's feelings and they alone, abandoned, look for an outlet on the internet or in friends?

What kind of sex education do children need who have parents who have no limits on physical contact with their children, who walk around naked, who take their children to their beds, who pride themselves on their sexual achievements and whose vocabulary is full of sexual innuendos . Where do they think they are liberated parents, why do they push their children, as early as possible, into sexual experiences?

These children, whose parents are confident of the amount of information about sexuality they have provided them with, are ultimately a strange phenomenon, averse to love, having heard and seen much about the techniques of sex, but no one has been found to seduce them into the beauty of love?

Children who will grow up free of the "burden" of any value criteria in making the important decisions in their lives, in a light perception of people and life, with a priority on the constant coverage of their sensory needs, sooner or later find themselves trapped in a tank of heaviness, listlessness, fatigue and anhedonia. And the worst thing is that they do not have those essential criteria, which will allow them to detect their desire for life and the exits to it.

Some parents manipulate their children by trying to lock them in a special family asylum, supposedly to protect them, while some other parents bribe them and provide them with as many comforts as possible, supposedly to free them.

The same attitude that looked suspiciously at any young person discovering sexuality, today is hidden in the same suspicious look at any young person who is not in a hurry to create any sexual relationship. In similar ways that parents met and conspired to monitor their child's privacy to save them from corruption, some other parents today meet and conspire to save their child from the absence of a relationship.

In practice, while these parents look like opposites, in fact they function respectively. They immobilize the healthy powers of their children by seeking to direct them. Practically, the control of their children's sexuality, either with moral prohibitions or with sensual promptings, is directed at the universal control of their personality.

Children are not in danger from the company of immature friends. They are not endangered by magazines or films of sexual content. They are not at risk from crappy web sites. They are mainly at risk from the romantic coldness or sexual chaos of their parents.

Social microbes have always existed and will always exist in human societies. The important thing is not to remain their passive spectators or simply their helpless accusers, but to develop the mental immune system of children in such a way that any contact with social germs will not prove fatal to their lives.

The children of the post-postmodern society, in which every value will have been relativized and where nothing important will be left to question, since nothing will be recorded as absolutely certain, will be called to discover the deepest value of being human.

The children of the post-postmodern society will be called upon to discover and produce that quality of love relationships that will not cover needs and insecurities, but that will open up horizons of beauty, creation and transcendence of individuality, which previous generations did not imagine could be possible. exist.

So sex education from the sexologists of miserable mechanistic sex institutes or from the tender mystics of love companionship who live their companionship with passion and tenderness? The imperfect people, who, however, remain lovers of the absolute.

Love education, not only for children, but for all of us, from those partners whose love has not remained closed in their binary individuality, but has created new life. A new life, which is not necessary for the continued survival of the animal species "man", but which blends the earthly with the heavenly, the material with the spiritual, that is, which highlights love where it suits it, in the defense of its core of life.