Antistixi is a modern therapeutic and training institute of Existential Systemic approach, founded by the child psychiatrists, psychotherapists Dimtris and Eleni Karagianni in 1993 as “Research centre for the Greek family, before transforming into Antistixi.

Antistixi is a certified training institute of systemic therapy, accredited by the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), is also a member of EFTA – TIC (Training Institutes Chamber) and is associated with the Greek Systemic Therapy Association (ELESYTH), the Greek Systemic Thought and Family Therapy Association (EESSKEPSO), the ETHOS and the Greek National Psychotherapy Association.

Antistixi therapeutic view is based on the combination of Existential Pychotherapy, which focuses on the uniqueness of the human personand on the important matters of existence, life’s meaning and freedom’s painful quest, and Systemic Psychotherapy, which enables a complete view of the human systems and their dynamic processes.

The development of healthy, functional relationships is favoured with antistixi’s perspective, meaning the reclamation of the different opinions and voices in the family, the working space and the community. In this therapeutic relationship, the active participation of the person in therapy is of great significance and his healthy strengths and willing to change are reclaimed.

The term “antistixi” comes from the multi-vocal music and refers to the different voices independence inside a multi-vocal, harmonic and balanced system, which allows more than one voices to evolve in the most free way, not through their co-existence, but despite their co-existence.