Play Therapy

Play therapy is a developmental procedure when the child questions life’s important issues through playing.
The child, while playing and through the therapist’s interventions, is given the chance to establish his own world. A world where the child exists, according to it’s own personal history and it’s interpretations of life events.Play Therapy
The frame during play therapy consists of a place where:
i. the child is accepted the way it is, with no judgement, but with full respect.
ii. the child is inspired to express it’s non functional aspects of behaviour, creating the problem’s solution.
iii. emotional expression is favoured, under the presenc of an empathetic play therapist.
iv. motives in handling and replacing anxiety with tranquility, and processing ”prohibited” feelings (agression, fears) are favoured.

Everything takes place in a private and secure space, where self-expression is developed. Thus, the child explores new “lands”, where it will be able to internalise strength and discover the pleasure of development.
Play therapy premises working simultaniously with the parents.

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