Mothers Group Therapy

Social and lifestyle changes, as well as the fact that women now work create questions concerning the upbrinking of the children in the family system. Modern mothers, while separating from the past model, are searching for their new identity. In mothers group therapy, women with children of varied ages share experiences of motherhood.Mothers Group Therapy
They learn how to embrace their childrens’ needs and wishes, provide them with the care needed, while helping their way towards their indipendence.
Mothers group therapy does not confine on a superficial seminary based on general advice concerning children upbrinking. The possibility to process issues important is provided. Issues like their personal development, marital relationship, functional relationships and exploring their parental family system.

Responsibility towards their children becomes their motivation for therapeutic change. During this path of mothrhood, feminity also arises.
Eventual target of the mothers group therapy is self-knowledge and self-creation, as a product of understanding and processing the various roles that a woman meets nowadays.

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