Group Therapy

Group therapy targets on the aquirement of self-knowledge and on the development of functional ways to relate. The atmosphere created by the therapist is based on acceptance, respect, security and trust, permitting the group’s members to process the critical issues of their lives and share painful experiences and emotions that block their personal development. The experience of co-existing relieves the suffering of the group’s members. There is not any human thought or action totally unrelated to other persons experience.

During the group’s therapeutic procedure the members discover that they are important to the others and eventually be inspirers of change towards a positive way of living. While overcoming their selves, they feel redemption and they find purpose in life.
Group therapy offers the opportunity of reflection among the members, which is not an impulse, limitless relief, but an action of commitment and responsibility, that includes the power of correcting experience.Group Therapy
These conquered life’s skills are expanded out of the group’s borders, into their important personal relationships.

Group therapy is adressed at functional persons and the members choice is of the therapist’s responsibility.

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