Family Therapy

Family therapy includes premises trust in the family system. Thisi is seen as the conviction that every family, apart from it’s malfunctions, Family Therapy misery and pain, also posseses strengths that have not yet been activated. The opposite interpretation, that is expressed by a model of linear way of thinking cause and effect, when applied in family therapy implicates the parents, rather than setting them free. This implication, which produces guilts, combined with the consequent cancellation of the parents, does not enable the appearance of their positive aspects and powers.
The existance of a child’s symptom is not treated as an individual problem, but as an effect of the malfunctioning family relationships.
Family therapy in the field of children psychiatry is a catalytic factor, that helps the family to disengage from the malfunction, while allowing their members to set their strengths free from the wear inflicted by the pathology, enabling them to jibe them towards their creative self-development.
Our experience so far, has indicated the possibility of changing without a big number of sessions.

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