Special Therapeutic Intervetions in Divorces

Despite the wishes for eternal coexistance, in modern times one out of four to five marriagges ends up to divorce.
The end of marriage often leads to painful experiences and occasionally to harmful conflicts among the ex partners.Intervetions in Divorces Regardless the social approval, divorce is a cruel reality for the children, who experience the threat coming from the destabilisation of their family and the agony for the new situation.
Apart from the extreme legal confrontations, where unfortunately common sence seems to vanish, as children are used as hostages or weapon in the ex husbands conflict, parents, that decide to save, as possible, their children from their failure, also exist.
In such situations, the responsible expert’s attitude does not allow the effortless complacency and the stubborn accusations. The child’s psychic pain is always taken into account.
Therapeutic interventions in divorce cases target on the achievement of * stable rules concerning elementary agreement among the ex husbands, so that the children are not involded in parents’ conflicts.
Simultaniously, for any parent who wants it, the chance of personal therapy is provided, in order to enable him facing the new conditions with maturity and responsibility, establishing new, functional ways to relate and setting personal goals in this new era of his life.

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