“Those unable to remember the past, are doomed to repeting it”

People are neither captive of their past, nor a unit with no history that travels into space. Understanding the past is a critical aspect of setting a target in life, as the obstacles, that make us unable to freely design our life, vanish, together with the unnatural burden produced by a story that is never told.Geneogramme
Consequently, a deep feeling of the continuity of our generation is experienced, as well as the freedom of new life choices that will affect the next generations, as they lead to new evolutionary processes.

Geneogramme group shares strong emotions and life experiences, as its members travel back to their roots, they “open the old chests” and they seek for significant secrets.

Incidents inside the family system, as births, deaths, relationships, transportations, legal fights, and wills include the emotionally charged experiences in the family history.
Understanding the past often equals explaining the difficulties in the present, as the elements that compose the psychological DNA are examined.
Understanding leads to reconciliation, forgiveness and differentiation.
Geneogramme is adressed at people who have completed their personal therapy.

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