Eleni Angelopoulou-Karayianni, MD,CGP, ECP Eleni Angelopoulou-Karayianni is a Child Psychiatrist, Existential Couple, Family and Group Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor of Psychotherapists. Eleni Karagiannis is the director of the Therapeutic and Educational Institute "Antistixis", Existential Systemic direction, where treatment is provided to individuals, couples, families and...

Eleni Aggelopoulou-Karagianni, M.D, C.G.P., E.C.P.

Eleni Aggelopoulou-Karagianni is a Child-Psychiatrist, Existential-Systemic couples, group and family Psychotherapist and a Clinical Supervisor.

She is director of Therapeutic and Training Institute “Antistiksi”, of Existential-Systemic approach, where therapy is offered to individuals, couples, families and groups, as well as training in psychotherapy for mental health experts.

Professor and Trainer in Postgraduate training courses in the University of Thessaly.

She studied as a doctor in Kapodistriako University of Athens and was trained as a Child-Psychiatrist for 4 years at the “Agia Sofia” hospital.

She worked as a doctor at the Child-Psychiatric sector of the Social Center of Mental Health of the hospital “Evangelismos”, where besides her clinical work, participated at the training of medical students and at mental health community’s projects and at seminaries for parents and teachers.

She was trained as a systemic therapist by Giorgos and Vaso Vasileiou, who were her trainers and therapists. She directs the therapeutic and training Institute “Antistixi”, where psychotherapy is provided to individuals, groups and families and training is provided to mental health experts, having developed a program of Genogram in Existential-Systemic Psychotherapy, addressed to therapists who have completed their personal therapy.

He is a founding member of the Child Psychiatric Association of Greece and the Hellenic Society of Systemic Therapy (ELESYTH) and a regular member of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) and a representative of the Antistitsis Institute in Family Psychotherapy Training Centers in Europe (EFTA-TIC) .

She is in a constant co-process and communication with the Greek family, having organized several seminaries in public and private schools, nurseries and other cultural institutes.

She has written a book of short stories “Mikres Anases”, where Psychology meets Literature. She has published essays in scientific journals and she has co-written: “For life and family”, “Balkans and mental health”, “Human communication” and “Family in crisis”, “Ta Logia sou san Meli”, “Adolescence: New Realities in Everchanging Socities”, “Treating”, “Me, You and Others”.

Eleni Karagianni is the author of the books "Small Breaths" and "Right to Heaven", where Psychology meets Literature. He has published articles in scientific journals and collective volumes: "For Life and Family", "Balkans and Mental Health", "Human Communication", "Family in Crisis", "Your Words as Honey". "Adolescence: New Realities in Changing Societies", "Healing", "Me, You and Others".

Fields of Scientific Interest:

  • Functioning marital relationships
  • otherhood in Modern Society
  • Experiential Training in Systemic Approach and Family Therapy
  • Genogram as a step towards Self-consciousness, connecting the past with the present, while liberating the future
  • Mother and Daughter relationship as overinvolvement or a possibility for development
  • Group Therapy in Existential-Systemic Approach