At a time when time is running at breakneck speed...

Amidst information overload constantly overwhelming us, the ability to stop time to allow internal processes…small breaths.
Alone among faceless crowds… when the first reading experiences the other as an adversary, face-to-face encounters, your truth, my truth, the encounter that leads to interaction, the beauty of encounter…
…small breaths
The cracks in the entrenched disappointing perception of others, the upheavals of miserable predictions, the upheavals of the self-evident that trap…
…small breaths
The connections with the past that explain the incomprehensible of the present, disprove destiny and free the choices...
…small breaths
The internal routes
The corrective actions
The bloodless battles...
…small breaths
the lightness within the seriousness
seriousness in lightness
3rd Edition, Armos 2016