Friday, April 8, 2022 | Delphi Economic Forum | LIVING WITH INCERTITUDE at Megalo Kafeneio 1929

Two distinct personalities, the pathologist-nephrologist Antonis Langouranis and the psychiatrist - child psychiatrist Dimitris Karagiannis, will share the stage with the journalist Vicky Flessa who, in her unique way, will enrich, through their knowledge and experience, our perspective on modern


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ETHOS and ETHOZ are organizing an Internet Day with the Theme: "The Modern Couple: Companionship and Parenthood. Clinical & Ethical Issues.”

The scientific collaborators of Antistitsis, Existential Systemic Couple, Group and Family Psychotherapists, Maria Georgakopoulou, Gounari Marilena, Michaelidou Leda and Bei Fotini will organize the Workshop on the theme: "Mr Right & Ms Always Right - Companionship and Roles - Approaching the Concepts of Masculinity and Femininity in the Postmodern Era"

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participant in the Panhellenic pediatric psychiatry conference

On Sunday 7/11/2021 at 16.30-18.00 Dimitris Karagiannis participates in the Panhellenic Child Psychiatry Conference and coordinates the round table of the Center for Child Mental Hygiene on the topic: "The experience of trauma in the therapeutic relationship as a possibility of inclusion and existential movement"

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Desire has a tall frame and absence burns in its palms. Desire itself gives birth to the path it wants to follow.

O. Elytis

July 2-4 in Nafplio, Associates of the Therapeutic and Educational Institute "Antistixi", Existential Systemic Psychotherapists trained in "Antistixi" and new Trainee Psychotherapists meet in the context of lifelong training in a theoretical and clinical treatment of desire as a life affirmation.

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13The Counterpoint Symposium

with subject:

"Meeting with desire

Nafplio, Hotel Amalia

July 2-4, 2021

It's time to dream up a banquet again.
To envision, after the long blockade of the pandemic,
to come together, in a creative sharing of knowledge, experience & life.

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D. Karagiannis on "By what right do we want to protect children from the mask?"

Her first wave quarantine against the spread of the coronavirus left a tragic toll of around 180 dead (beginning of June) and serious economic impacts, but for the majority of Greeks it also left an unprecedented sweet experience: that of returning to "familiar", of reuniting the whole family, of the shared, quality time that gave many the opportunity to deal with interests they had neglected for a long time, to take care of themselves, but also their people.

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