Interview of Psychiatrist Eleni Karagianni with Barbilena Triantafillou on HuffPost.

"Little secrets that will make everyday life look like our personal paradise"

Interview of Psychiatrist Eleni Karagianni with Barbilena Triantafillou on HuffPost.

Eleni Karagianni, psychiatrist, existential systemic therapist, trainer and supervisor of psychotherapists, in her new book "Right to Heaven" helps us turn apparent problems in our favor.

Our expert offers her advice in order to through our social relationships to gain the longed-for sense of wholeness by understanding one another, experiencing empathy and drawing inspiration to craft the canvas of our daily lives from scratch.

Eleni Karagianni, on the occasion of the release of her new book where psychology meets literature, shared with HuffPost some of her secrets in order to live each day with greater optimism and self-confidence, as well as love and understanding towards ourselves. After all, starting with self-care, we will acquire all the necessary mental supplies in order to relate to our people in the healthiest and most beneficial way.

-𝛫𝛼́𝜈𝜊𝜈𝜏𝛼ς 𝜏𝜊𝜈 𝛼𝜋𝜊𝜆𝜊𝛾𝜄𝜎𝜇𝜊́ 𝜏𝜂ς 𝜀𝛽𝛿𝜊𝜇𝛼́ 𝛿𝛼ς, 𝜏𝜊𝜐 𝜇𝜂́𝜈𝛼, 𝜏𝜂ς 𝜒𝜌𝜊𝜈𝜄𝛼́ς, 𝛼𝜅𝜊́𝜇𝛼 𝜅𝛼𝜄 𝜏 𝜂ς 𝜁𝜔𝜂́ς 𝜇𝛼ς, 𝜋𝜔́ς 𝜃𝛼 𝜀𝜎𝜏𝜄𝛼́𝜎𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜎𝜏𝜄ς 𝜑𝜔𝜏𝜀 The 𝜄𝜔́𝜈𝜊𝜈𝜏𝛼ς 𝜏𝜊𝜈 𝛼𝜈𝜏ί𝜅𝜏𝜐𝜋𝜊 𝜏𝜔𝜈 𝛼𝛾𝜔𝜈𝜄𝜔́𝜈 𝜅 𝛼𝜄 𝜏𝜔𝜈 𝜋𝜌𝜊𝛽𝜆𝜂𝜇𝛼𝜏𝜄𝜎𝜇𝜔́𝜈 𝜋𝜊𝜐 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜏𝛼𝜆𝛼́ 𝜈𝜄𝜎𝛼𝜈?

In life, we are called to welcome all experiences, pleasant and unpleasant, as they are all valuable for different reasons. It is a given that unpleasant experiences are recorded with very strong, indelible I would say colors in our memory and soul and the worst they degrade the bright experiences and put them on the sidelines. It is inevitable that they will happen.

But they can teach us and make us stronger, like trees grow stronger in the wind. I am not suggesting that we bypass anxieties and reflections, as they are valuable opportunities for understanding, reflection, decisions and visions. It is up to us to harness them so that they become blessings.

It is also important to give value and duration to what is beautiful, good, happy, creative, human we have experienced. Perhaps in this way it will be a corrective experience, a reconciliation with existence itself, an affirmation of life, strengthening our self-esteem and the certainty of the power of good in the world and leading us to the essential connection with others and ourselves .

-𝛤𝜄𝛼𝜏𝜄́ 𝜀𝜄́𝜈𝛼𝜄 𝛿𝜐́𝜎𝜅𝜊𝜆𝜊 𝜈𝛼 𝛼𝜋𝜊𝛿𝜀𝜒𝜏𝜊𝜐́ 𝜇𝜀 𝜊́𝜏𝜄 𝜋𝜌𝛼́𝛾𝜇𝛼𝜏𝛼 𝜋𝜊𝜐 𝛼́𝜆𝜆𝜊𝜏𝜀 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜀𝜈𝜃𝜊 𝜐𝜎𝜄́𝛼𝜁𝛼𝜈, 𝜋𝜆𝜀́𝜊𝜈 𝛿𝜀𝜈 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜋𝜌𝜊𝜅𝛼𝜆𝜊𝜏𝜊𝜈 𝜋𝛼𝜌𝛼𝜇𝜄𝜅𝜌𝜊́ 𝜀𝜈𝛿𝜄𝛼𝜑𝜀́𝜌𝜊𝜈; 𝛫𝛼𝜄 𝛼𝜈 𝜏𝜀𝜆𝜄𝜅𝛼́ 𝜏𝛼 𝜅𝛼𝜏𝛼𝜑𝜀́𝜌𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀, 𝜋𝜔́s 𝜃 𝛼 𝛼𝜈𝛼𝜁𝜔𝜋𝜐𝜌𝜔́𝜎𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜏𝜂𝜈 𝜑𝜆𝜊́𝛾𝛼 𝜏𝜂ς 𝜀𝜋𝜄𝜃 𝜐𝜇𝜄́𝛼ς 𝜅𝛼𝜄 𝜃𝛼 𝜋𝛼́𝜓𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜈𝛼 𝜀𝜄́𝜇𝛼𝜎𝜏𝜀 𝜋𝛼𝜃 𝜂𝜏𝜄𝜅𝜊𝜄́ 𝜋𝛼𝜌𝛼𝜏𝜂𝜌𝜂𝜏𝜀́ς 𝜏𝜂ς 𝜁𝜔𝜂́ς 𝜇𝛼ς;

As we grow and mature, we get excited about different things. The important thing is to never lose enthusiasm. The lust for life is inherent in every human being, it is intertwined with existence, it is the flame of life, the driving force that insists on approaching new and challenging things with curiosity and a sense of adventure. The point is to find the reason why this flame is fading, but never stop hoping that it belongs to us.

I remember once I saw a girl in my office who didn't want to go to school. She seemed to have lost her enthusiasm for anything girls her age did, even the pleasant and exciting ones. The truth, however, was that she lived in a house where she took care of her father's precarious health and her parents' relationship was on the verge of divorce. When the parents took charge of their lives and their relationship, then he happily came back to my office and said, "I smell like pencil sharpeners and rubber bands." He was preparing to return.

- 𝜈 "𝛼𝜈𝛼𝜇𝜀́𝜏𝜌𝜂𝜎𝜂́" 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜇𝜀 𝜏𝜄ς 𝜀𝜋𝜄𝜏𝜐𝜒𝜄́𝜀ς 𝜏𝜔 𝜈 𝛼́𝜆𝜆𝜔𝜈; 𝛦𝜄́𝜈𝛼𝜄 𝜆𝜊𝛾𝜄𝜅𝜊́ 𝜈𝛼 𝜎𝜐𝛾𝜅𝜌𝜄́𝜈𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜏𝜂𝜈 𝜋 𝜊𝜌𝜀𝜄́𝛼 𝜏𝜂ς 𝜁𝜔𝜂́ς 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜇𝜀 𝜏𝜊𝜈 𝛿𝜌𝜊́𝜇𝜊 𝜋𝜊𝜐 𝛿𝜄 𝛼́𝜆𝜀𝜉𝛼𝜈 𝜊𝜄 𝛾𝜐́𝜌𝜔 𝜇𝛼ς;

First of all, it is very beneficial to confront others, because this leads us to fruitful reflection. It may rekindle desires that we have forgotten or that we have given up on their realization.

We don't need to be ruled by the anxiety of emerging victorious, as life is so vast and rich and the choices so personal. We are invited to listen to what we really love and what we ourselves dream of. That is, perhaps a desire of others inspires a different one of ours.

But what works as rust in life, is when the positive and beautiful achievements of others, instead of awakening desire, awaken envy and make us wish for the destruction of the other, because it brings us face to face with our own lack and inadequacy.

It is very beautiful to rejoice at the sight of a young couple in love on the bench, as it reminds us of our own corresponding tender love story. However, it is equally liberating to be able to enjoy the young couple, even if we never experienced a similar story. This is the redemption of transcendence, which ennobles us as human beings and answers the internal comparison.

– 𝛭𝜋𝜊𝜌𝜀𝜄́ 𝜂 𝛼𝜈𝛼́𝛾𝜅𝜂 𝜆 𝜋𝜊𝛿𝜊𝜒𝜂́ 𝜈𝛼 𝜇𝛼ς 𝜀𝛾𝜅𝜆𝜔𝛽𝜄́𝜎𝜀𝜄 𝜎𝜀 𝜀́𝜈𝛼𝜈 𝜀𝛼 𝜐𝜏𝜊́ 𝜋𝜊𝜐 𝛿𝜀𝜈 𝜇𝛼ς 𝛼𝜈𝜂́𝜅𝜀𝜄; 𝛱𝜔́ς 𝜃𝛼 𝜉𝜀𝜑𝜐́𝛾𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝛼𝜋𝜊́ 𝜏𝜂𝜈 𝜀𝜋𝜄𝜃𝜐𝜇𝜄́𝛼 𝜈𝛼 𝛼𝜈𝜂́𝜅𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜅𝛼́𝜋𝜊𝜐, 𝜊́𝜏𝛼𝜈 𝛼𝜐𝜏𝜊́ 𝜏𝜊 «𝜅𝛼́𝜊 " 𝜔𝜋𝜄𝜅𝜊́𝜏𝜂𝜏𝛼́ 𝜇𝛼ς;

The great need for love and acceptance threatens to deprive us of our personal freedom, as it leads to the formation of a false self, which does not obey its desires and fears that constant conformity is required to maintain its relationships with those around it.

This illusion has its roots in the deprivation that one can carry from his family, since he has not experienced selfless love, consequently believing that he does not deserve to be loved.

But it would be a mistake to say that man can live without belonging and without relating effectively to others. We are the embodiment of our important relationships. Therefore, the bet that must be won is to claim to belong, without losing ourselves. To support an authentic core of self that will allow for interaction, the joy of sharing love, and harnessing the way others perceive life. It is not worth a freedom without love, nor a love without freedom.

- 𝜀 𝜎𝜏𝜊𝜈 𝜀𝛼𝜐𝜏𝜊́ 𝜇𝛼ς. 𝛦𝜑𝜊́𝜎𝜊𝜈 𝜏𝜀𝜆𝜄𝜅𝛼́ 𝛽𝛾𝜊𝜐́𝜇𝜀 𝛼𝜋𝜊́ 𝛼𝜐𝜏𝜂́ 𝜏𝜂 𝜈 𝜅𝛼𝜏𝛼́𝜎𝜏𝛼𝜎𝜂, 𝜋𝜔́ς 𝜃𝛼 𝜀𝜉𝜂𝛾𝜂́𝜎𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜎𝜀 𝜀𝜇 V 𝛼𝜏𝜄́ 𝛼𝜋𝜊𝜏𝜌𝛼𝛽𝜂𝜒𝜏𝜂́𝜅𝛼𝜇𝜀 𝜅𝛼𝜄 𝜏𝜊𝜐ς 𝜆𝜊́𝛾𝜊𝜍 𝛾𝜄𝛼 𝜏𝜊𝜐ς 𝜊𝜋𝜊𝜄́𝜊𝜐ς 𝜃𝜀́𝜆𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀 𝜈𝛼 𝜀𝜋𝜄𝜎𝜏𝜌𝜀́ 𝜓𝜊𝜐𝜇𝜀;

We are always entitled to personal inner space, precious creative solitude, which enhances the processing of emotions and experiences and creates the conditions for authentic interpersonal encounters.

But if "closure" means disappointment from others, thwarting and devaluing of relationships, then it is not done on healthy terms. But not even the "opening" will emerge harmoniously, as it will be defined by despair and deprivation.

In conclusion, we need to be able to be alone, without necessarily being disconnected from others. Accordingly, when we are connected, we should never lose touch with our inner self.

Eleni Karagianni: Right to Paradise

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