Presentation of the book "Right to Heaven", a book about interpersonal relationships. A book of stories that inspired people as they struggle to conquer the beauty of life and understand the mystery of the world.

A beautiful garden of a very beautiful bookstore… An audience that participated with emotion.

Heaven is the people. Provided we accept decay and human imperfection. On the condition that we give up the fantasy of a Paradise that is free, that has no effort, that has no personal responsibility.

Because then Heaven is fragile and others are in danger of becoming Hell. Atomic Paradise no exists. The desire of the meeting, the powerful moment of the encounter with her

other's truth.

The longing to create the unique meeting place between us. Those that will be revealed in love: both the dark and the

bright pieces. The unique sense of completeness when we manage to understand each other, experience empathy, share experiences, inspire

and let's accept the inspiration... And let everything start from the beginning, again and again!

The precious hour of discord, when Heaven is withering, as endurance is tested and a broadening of the horizon of life is required.

Heaven is people and interpersonal relationships.

"Kukida" bookstore