"The things that unite us" 10th Symposium Antistitsis, Ancient Olympia 2017
"Eucharistic way of life", Kanakis Menelaos, Anastasia Moraitakis, Rena Triantaphyllou.
How can the eucharistic way of life be produced and mastered as a result of a course and, ultimately, a life attitude?
Gratitude is like a process that starts from the beginning of human existence, continues evolutionarily through all the developmental phases of childhood and adolescence, and is chosen as a conscious life position by the adult at any point in his personal path, regardless of mistakes, its omissions and inadequacies. The Eucharistic way of life includes not only joys, but also trials.
By giving thanks to both difficulty and joy, we seem to expand our limits, expand our ability to see everything as opportunities: even the faces that embody negativity, insult and belittlement, to see them as educators and thank them, because they give us the opportunity to evolve, helping us to let go of the illusion that we are in total control.
This road is a long and painful one, but it allows us to hope that, at some point in the future, we will be able to forgive the other person and trust him. By extension, it means forgiving and trusting ourselves.