kp epGroup supervision in Existential Systemic Therapy, in the accredited from European Family Therapy Association (EFTA) training and therapeutic centre Antistixi, is the final step of the new therapists’ training.

During supervision, the obstacles in the therapeutic process, related to the therapeutic contract, the potential strengths and restrictions and the contratransference are processed. Systemic understanding is consolidated, so that the symptom will not be treated as a separated being, but as an effect of pathological relationships.

Group supervision, apart from providing each member’s supervision, offers the opportunity of communication among the different professional mental health settings. The possibility of sharing with the other members allows the therapist to develope alternative and effective methods in coping with the potential problems.

New therapists’ group supervision in Antistixi does not confine on obtaining and developing Existential Systemic therapy techniques. It focuses on matteres concerning the therapist’s personal values, the respect towards the person, despite their psychopathology and the responsibility for maintaining the strict protocol related with psychotherapy.