Dimitris Karagiannis: Letter to the Candidate

Dear friend,

I was told that you are very stressed as you are in the final stage before the exams. That you have changes in your emotional state. Sometimes you feel calm and confident and sometimes you feel dark - difficult - impossible and you feel your efforts are unnecessary. That sometimes you make jokes, as if there is no problem, and sometimes the smallest joke they make is capable of making you want to destroy everything... (more…)

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Eleni Karagianni: Questions That Beg Questions

A child approaches the world and marvels at the complexity of the world.
He is searching for his place, struggling to assimilate the constant changes happening in his body, mind and heart. He tries to understand the secret relationships of concepts, he stands dazzled by the beauty and horrified by the cruelty of the world.
He tries to explain the contradictions of the great.
Questions beget questions. (more…)

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Dimitris Karagiannis: Preventive Sports Medicine Conference

In traditional agricultural societies people had to deal with the elements of nature, which posed a common threat to all members of the community. So they had to unite to be able to cope with the dangers.

In today's society the goals for success have become individual and this has affected human relationships which have become competitive and of course where there is competition there is also stress. (more…)

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